A fool indeed 1/2

Title : A fool indeed
: addictivemonkey
: Heechul-centric, HenChul, SiChul, HeeMin, SiHan, mentioned! SiMin and SiMi
: thriller, angst, fucked-up killer!au
: R
: READ IT death, blood, (underage)drugs, breathplay, prostitution, swearing, nearly!rape
: 6 353
: this is only my sick imagination 
: Heechul has some problems with his own self. He was like this all his life. Or maybe he became like this because he was all alone?



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Geng fanart

So, this is old work. I don't really remember when I started drawing this ~.~

Like you see, I focused on Geng's head - hair and eyes. I know I should finish this properly but I don't think I'll be able to. Drawing is not my best skill ;o;
I don't know myself if I like it. Well... let me know if you like it :)

I dedicate this fanart to my lovely unnie static_abyss cause she's Geng biased and I hope you like it <3

More I look at it more I don't like it D:

Personal stuff

So! It's been a long time I wrote anything here... yeah. There won't be any update for at least another week 'cause my birthday is just this Sunday and I'm going to Miyavi's concert (hell yeah, the best 18th birthday everrr~~~).

I know, I still have to write a QMiMin for Teukiesu, EunHae on board for my lovely Zuzka and MinKhun for MingShi <3 And maaany many more fics. Recently I've had [more] problems with my laptop and with those damn viruses. And then when my files were saved, it occurred that I can't even open ANY of my fics. Yeah. I was sooo desperate. But now I'm ok so I suppose I have to get my lazy ass to work. Wish me luck and lot of inspiration~
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We are sharing the fate (3/?)

Title : We are sharing the fate (3/?)
Main paring : SiHan

Side parings : QMi, EunHae, YeWook, one-sided!YeWon?

Rating : PG-13 (for now)

Genre : vampire!AU, romance, thriller?

Disclaimer : at least story is mine

Summary : In this world vampires exist. But most of the people don’t know about it. They don’t know also that there are two types of vampires. Siwon is a vampire. Han Geng is a human. They meet at the night bar but after a pleasant night Siwon disappears. Since then, Han Geng seems to see him everywhere but can’t approach him.

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