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Silent morning

Title : Silent Morning 
Genre : fluff, au!
Rating : PG  
Paring : SiHan, ninja!EunHae  
Author : addictivemonkey
Disclaimer : I own only the story
Summary : It’s Saturday morning when Han Geng wakes up
A/N : My first fic was angst so now I’ll give you some fluff :D There will be 3 more fics in this AU. There’s no plot. Just random day from SiHan’s life.  

Han Geng felt warm. Sun peeked through the window brushing his naked arm. He purred in delight and stretched his arms, the sheets wrapped around his body. Then he suddenly felt something was wrong. He lay there with his eyes closed, thinking about it. And then it popped to his mind. There was no arms wrapped around him tightly like it should.  

Han Geng opened instantly his eyes and looked around. He was in their room, there was no doubt. White walls decorated with pictures of them and Han’s mum, dark, wooden commode in the corner, big mirror above it. And this scent room was filled with. He could recognize Siwon’s scent. It was firm, manly and somehow comforting.  

He looked at the clock standing on the bedside table. It was nearly 9 in the morning. And it was Saturday. So that meant Siwon was at work for almost an hour. Han Geng groaned. He didn’t even noticed that Siwon had woke up and got to work. On normal days he was the one to wake up first. He would go to the bathroom to refresh himself a little to help himself stay awake. Then he’d go to the kitchen, make some breakfast and morning coffee. He’d go back to the bedroom with food, put it on bedside table and he’d slip under the sheets just beside Siwon. Waking him up was his favorite part of the morning. Han Geng would put his one hand on his chest lightly and stroke his cheek with the other. Siwon always wakes up because of this. And when his eyes are still half closed Han Geng just kisses him gently on the lips which are curved into a smile.  

But it was Saturday. Han Geng, as a dance instructor, was not working on Saturdays. Saturday was Eunhyuk shift and even if Han Geng had expressed once his will to come, he heard gentle refuse. He was completely sure it was somehow related with a new dance instructor – young boy named Donghae. He smiled mentally at that. Yet, Siwon was not there. He was working as a photograph in famous fashion magazine. It gave him happiness but his work was demanding. He could always be called for some photo shoot which could take long hours. Han Geng couldn’t complaining. They were both doing what they loved – dancing and taking pictures. But sometimes it was hard, passing by only to say “How was your day?” and “Sorry, I have a lesson in ten minutes” exchanging small kisses.  

That’s why, even if he didn’t have to, Han Geng always would wake up on Saturday morning. Just to be with him, make him breakfast and wish him good day, stilling a kiss or two from Siwon.  

He didn’t know why he didn’t wake up this time. He looked at the clock again. Han Geng sighed. Siwon must have turned off his alarm clock. The Chinese man knew that his lover didn’t want him to wake up that early, still sore from Friday’s dance practice, just to greet him. Han Geng pouted slightly and closed his eyes.

He smiled after a while thinking about how much Siwon cared about him. He could even say that the day he’d met him he found his prince on a white horse. Well, maybe without a horse. But still.

They have met at his friends party. It was four years ago. Zhou Mi, also Chinese, had moved to Korea earlier than he did so when Han Geng had arrived to this country Zhou Mi begged him to come. “It’ll be your first party in Korea. You’ll meet some people. You can’t be always all alone” he said. He had to admit that Zhou Mi was right. He went to his party. There were only few people, like Han Geng guessed, from Zhou Mi’s university. He’ve met Kyuhyun who looked really young for his age of 20, Leeteuk – the oldest one, really kind and with a dimple on his left cheek. There was also Henry, transferred student from Canada, and one odd pair – Ryeowook and Jongwoon. Jongwoon looked really mysterious with his rock star appearance – jet black longish hair, pair of cross earrings, red T-shirt and tight dark jeans. But it became obvious he was not the “bad boy” type of person. Jongwoon was really cheerful even if he was a bit odd. Han Geng learnt that he was one of the best student majoring in singing. Ryeowook – shy but sweet boy was also studying music but with major in composing.

The party went well, everyone accepted Han Geng pretty fast. His Korean was still a little off but after some long talk he thought it was pretty good. Then they’ve heard someone knocking at the door. Zhou Mi smiled widely, hurrying to open them. He came back with the most handsome man Han Geng have ever seen. “This is Siwon” Zhou Mi said. The man was really tall and well-built. He wore black pants and black shirt, two buttons undone so he could see a bit of his collar bone. His hair was jet black, like Jongwoon’s, but shorter and messed. But Siwon’s smile and his eyes were most hypnotizing. Stranger’s dimpled smile stuck in his mind and those eyes… He blushed madly when he noticed man’s eyes on his.

Zhou Mi only grinned.

How they got together? Siwon just came to him and spoke softly to him with accented Chinese. Yet, it was his mother language. From the way Zhou Mi peeked at them with devilish smile, he knew he was blushing like hell. It worked, though. They exchanged numbers and promised to each other they will meet. Just before Han Geng left Zhou Mi’s apartment, his friend caught him at the staircase and demanded full report about what happened. Han Geng firmly refused and ran away having in mind that Zhou Mi is not a person you can refuse. But for then he wanted to cool down.
And that’s how he ended in this bedroom, in king sized bed, waking his Korean prince up every day, planting sweet kisses on his lips.
It was 10 a.m when Han Geng finally got up. He looked around the room and found Siwon’s white shirt hanging on a chair. He put it on and grinned to himself. Maybe he should take a photo of himself with Siwon’s shirt on, lying on their bed? Some punishment for leaving without him knowing. He knew Siwon had something with him wearing his shirts. Mostly only shirts. He didn’t protest, though. He liked it too. They were always a little too broad, slightly too long and had Siwon’s scent. In the end he decided that he’ll have his way later and so he went to the kitchen.

There was a note on the table and a plate covered with thin fabric. Han Geng took the note and sat beside the table.

Han Geng,
I know you’ll be probably mad at me for not letting you wake up like you always do but I know how tired you were last night. Just take some rest, today I’ll be home early so we’ll have the time just for ourselves, okay?
Love you

PS I know you didn’t eat anything before going to bed last night. Please, eat properly~


    Han Geng couldn’t help himself but smile at that. Whole note was written in Chinese and he appreciated it. Siwon always tried to make him feel at home, even if it meant only little details like this. Han Geng put the note away and peeked under the material covering plain white plate.

He laughed at loud seeing neatly made pancakes with strawberries on top. They both knew that Siwon was rather helpless with cooking so Han Geng wondered how long it took Siwon to make those.

He sat there, in the kitchen, eating Siwon-made pancakes, smiling to himself. Maybe he didn’t spend this morning with his lover but he could definitely feel his love.

And yes. He should definitely learn Siwon how to cook.

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