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Unpleasant afternoon

Title : Unpleasant afternoon
: romance/angstish?; au!
: PG-13; some swearing and some sexual suggesting
: SiHan
: yet again, only story
: It was supposed to be a nice afternoon for the two of them


A/N : READ THIS! I’m fast :D So… You’ll have to probably wait for the next part because right now I don’t have too much time but I’ll be probably writing at school too so I can update faster :D And I’ll tell you a secret : next part’s suppose to be a smut! :D Well, it’ll be my first time writing a smut in English so it’ll take some time because I don’t want it to be a fail >.<

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                Siwon got out of the car and brushed away a strand of his hair from forehead. He gently took a paper bag with red wine in it from back seat and locked the car. He fixed his camera hanging from his shoulder and moved toward the apartment. In the morning the sun was shining but now it was more cloudy. It took Siwon a little while before he could open the front door of the tall building of apartment complex with everything in his hands. He blessed mentally the person who invented the elevator.

                He didn’t even bother to find his keys. He knocked at the door with his foot, trying not to drop the wine and his equipment. Five seconds later the door opened revealing smiling Han Geng with an apron on.

                This sight made Siwon warm inside. It felt so domestic and familiar. He smiled to his lover, showing his dimples which he knew Han Geng adored, and came in.

“So how was your photo shoot?”

“Okay, I guess. The model who I worked with was really annoying though. She wanted us to treat her like a princess. I don’t know where Heechul finds them” he answered and watched as Han Geng made his way to the cooker.

“And of course she was swooning over you all the time?” Chinese man asked ironically.

“Of course” Siwon flashed him sly grin and stepped to him close, hugging Han Geng from behind. “Like the way you did it on Zhou Mi’s party for the first time” he whispered into his ear.

                Han Geng shivered slightly and just elbowed Siwon in his stomach. The latter pouted but kissed him on the spot behind his ear and hummed.

“What’s for dinner?” he asked after a while.

“Spicy chicken with rice” Han Geng answered and peeked at the bag Siwon left on the kitchen counter. “What’s that?”

“A wine of course” Siwon stepped back and started looking for a corkscrew.

                And as if Han Geng could read his mind, he told him, without even looking :

“It’s in that drawer beside the fridge”

                Siwon smiled to himself and following older’s directions he found it.

“You’re ready with the dinner?”

“Yeah. Take some glasses and we can eat.”




                They sat at the table, talking and laughing at each other stories, enjoying their time together. It was half past three when they started cleaning up the dishes, splashing water around them when Siwon decided it was time to play like little children. Their cheerful laugh filled the kitchen and when they plopped into the couch they were still breathless.

“So… you’re not angry with me?” Siwon suddenly asked.

                Han Geng, who was leaning his back at him, frowned.

“Why should I?”

                Siwon sighed.

“I know you, Geng. I didn’t wake you up…”

“Don’t be silly” Chinese man interrupted him, turning around to face his lover. “It’s not something I should be angry for”

                Siwon looked at him, not convinced. Han Geng groaned.

“Well, okay… I thought about punishing you… but only for a while!” he admitted, his face heating up at the memory of this morning.

                Younger man’s face lit up with some emotion and so he slipped his arms around Han Geng’s waist and brought his face close to his.

“So what kind of a punishment you came up with?” he murmured the question against his lips.

                Han Geng felt shivers for the second time that day and he decided that he could play with Siwon if the latter wanted it that much. He grasped fistful of younger’s shirt and brought him a little bit closer to him.

“I had been wearing your shirt all morning and was thinking about sending you a photo of mine. I thought you would appreciate it as a photographer” he grinned slyly, looking into his dark orbs. He saw them lighting up at the mention about the shirt.

“I can’t quite imagine it. You think you could show me?” Siwon’s fingers dig into his hipbone and his hair, his breath hot and uneven against Han Geng’s lips.

“I think we could arrange something…” Han Geng was just about to lean into the warmth, just an inch and their lips could have met, but then the door bell rang loudly making them jolt in shock.

                Siwon closed his eyes and groaned. He leaned his back against the couch and murmured something that sounded like “Of course it has to be now… why not?” . Han Geng laughed at him, stroking his tight with comfort and stood up to get the door. He could still hear unpleased Siwon in the hallway which was quite amusing. But when he opened the door his smile dropped immediately.

                There she was. His little own hell on the earth.

                Siwon’s mother.

                It was quite funny at the beginning – watching her face covered with some shock – it made Han Geng somehow content. But then her expression changed into pure disgust. Suddenly he could feel his heart in his throat. They were just standing there, neither of them said anything, they were just staring at each other – one with contempt, the other one with anxiety.

                He didn’t know why and when Siwon came to his side. Maybe this silence drew him there, he didn’t know and didn’t care. Han Geng couldn’t even move from the spot he was standing.


                She didn’t answer. She was still looking at Chinese man, her lips twitching hard.

“What are you doing here?” it came to them as a surprise, because she was the one who asked this question. And it was directed to Han Geng.

                He didn’t know what to say so he just shot a pleading look at Siwon who was standing beside him with his jaw clenched tightly.

                Siwon’s mother came in, letting the door behind her shut.

“We live together” younger male answered emphasizing word ‘together’.

“You let him stay here?” Han Geng knew she was mad. He had this doubtful pleasure to meet her few times. “What will neighbors think…” she spoke the last sentence rather to herself but they’ve heard it just right.

“Like I care what they think” Siwon gritted his teeth. “If you want to know the old lady who lives across adores us. Better tell me what are you here for?”

                Han Geng retrieved some of his strength and stepped back a little to be closer to Siwon. It didn’t escape her attention.

“We talked with your father and decided to give you a chance. You could leave this… behind. There’s a doctor who is willing to see you…”

                Right now Han Geng could feel his guts twisting with insecurity. He grabbed Siwon’s hand which was curled into a fist. He was shivering with anger.

“When will you get it?” Siwon asked in a low voice. “I don’t need some fucking psychiatrist pretending like it’s some kind of disease.”

“I see that this little filthy whore has got through your veins” Han Geng paled and looked at Siwon who was now not only mad but furious.

“Get out” he said quietly.

                But it appeared that she was not intending  to leave. She pointed at Han Geng suddenly.

“You. You made him like this. It’s your fault.”

“Stop it” Siwon was ready to burst,  Han Geng knew it.  He himself was too shocked  to do something.

“You seduced him and now you’re using him. I bet he’s paying for everything. You’re happy now, aren’t you? You have found a reach boy so you could…”


                Before he could register, Siwon swung the door open and with heavy breath he hissed.

“Get out of our live”

                And so she did.




                They sat silently in the living room on the leather couch. Siwon held him close, Han Geng’s face was pressed to his neck and a hand was caressing his hair. Chinese man’s heart was beating madly and so did Siwon’s. Neither of them dared to speak but when the younger male pressed a long kiss to his forehead, murmuring something, Han Geng looked at him. His lover’s eyes were filled with pain so he brought his palm to the latter’s cheek and brushed it gently.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I should be the one to ask this” Siwon smiled weakly.

“I was shocked but… it’s not something we should be surprised about, right?”

                Siwon just nodded, jaw still clenched tight. Yes, it was not. Siwon’s parents knew about them. So did Han Geng’s mum. But the difference was like a waterfall. His parents was so strongly against their relationship that they even disowned him. They have found out by accident. They were just too careless. Siwon’s mother caught them kissing in his room when she and his father had returned  a bit earlier from the dinner. Then it was like hell. His parents barely endured his decision about becoming a photographer – he was supposed to run one of his father’s business. And then came the news about him being with another man. Chinese man.

                How he wished his parents would react like Han Geng’s mom. They’ve seen each other only few times but the lady adored him and treated him like her own son. Of course she was a little disappointed with a thought that she won’t have probably any grandchildren but she was happy as long as Han Geng was. And so she became a family to him because his own left him.

                Siwon felt Han Geng’s hug tighten and then he realized that his shirt is slightly wet. He looked at him and saw his glistening eyes. He was not openly crying, Han Geng barely ever cried, but the pain was too much for him. For Siwon too.

                He locked his lover in his arms murmuring all the time like a mantra :

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.”

                Siwon kissed his hand, cheek, nose, closed eyelids and finally his dry lips.

                He decided. He’d  have to be crazy to let this man go.


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