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Hot evening

Title : Hot evening
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Paring : SiHan

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mine … they’re not mine
: Han Geng feels insecure after Siwon’s mother visit
A/N : I’m ninja fast :D I told you guys that you’ll have to wait for this part but… my physics lessons are sooo boring! D:  So I wrote this. This is my first time writing smut and I’m not really satisfied with it but I’ll never probably be satisfied :< It's a bit short and I'm afraid it turned out as a one big fail but... Here we go~~


                They were sitting in the dark living room, Siwon’s arms circled around Han Geng’s waist, his lover’s head on his collarbone. Chinese man’s hand was on his chest, caressing it slowly.

“Don’t worry, Han Geng” Siwon suddenly broke the silence.

“I’m not worried” he answered, obviously lying.

                Siwon looked at him, smiling sadly.

“Of course you are” he told him, kissing the top of his head. “So don’t.”

                Han Geng sighed. Siwon knew him too well. He was worried, who wouldn’t? She was Siwon’s mother and he was the reason of their quarrel. He didn’t even realize that he said this last sentence out loud.

                Siwon’s grip tightened.

“Don’t you ever think like that!” his voice was full of anger. “This is all about my choice, not you. They were angry with me because I decided to be a photographer. Then I chose you. I just chose who I wanted to be. Not who they wanted me to be.”

“But you can’t deny that they don’t approve of our relationship… because we’re both men. “

                Siwon didn’t answer. Han Geng kissed the crook of his lover’s neck.

“But you chose me” he looked at Siwon and smiled.

                The younger male flashed him his dimpled smile. Han Geng leaned forward to plant a kiss on Siwon’s lips and run his hand through the latter’s hair. They kissed slowly, showing each other their affection and support.

“Come” Han Geng whispered against Siwon’s ear and pulled him up.

                They went to their bedroom and when they got there they just stood in the middle of the room. They didn’t let go of each other  as their hands were exploring their bodies. Siwon reached once again for those delicious lips and claimed them as his.

                Han Geng was his. Only his.

                His hands slipped under Chinese man’s shirt and caressed heated skin of his back. Han Geng purred into his mouth and stepped closer, pressing his hips to Siwon’s. Their moans filled the room. Chinese pulled them back and the younger male pushed him to the bed.

                Han Geng melted in Siwon’s arms. This man could make him shiver just under his look so when he was touching him, his skin was on fire. He arched his back when he felt gently stroke of Siwon’s hand on his member. He closed his eyes, digging his fingers into Siwon’s muscular back. He could feel everything – his lover’s touch, his  mouth on his Adam’s apple and his loving gaze.

“Siwon” Han Geng whispered, his voice trembling. “Make love to me”

                Siwon reached to the bedside table for a lube. Soon, one of his fingers was inside older man. It didn’t hurt. Neither did second finger. But it was necessary to prepare him for Siwon because he didn’t want to hurt him. Third finger joined. It was a bit uncomfortable but when Siwon started moving them deeper Han Geng sighed. He moved his hips along with his lover’s fingers.

“I need you” he moaned, stopping his hand by gripping his wrist.

                Siwon didn’t even hesitate. He positioned himself over Han Geng, leaning down to capture his sweet lips. He entered him, trying to be as gentle as possible, savoring the heat surrounding his hard member. When he started moving they both moaned loudly, Han Geng arching his back, looking for some more friction. Siwon could feel his lover’s nails scratching his back and he couldn’t help himself but push forward harder. Han Geng choked on his own breath, feeling that the tip of Siwon’s member brushed his spot. He tightened his tights on his lover’s sides to bring him closer. They shared an open mouthed kiss.

 Han Geng shivered, feeling that his prostate was constantly abused. So when Siwon started pumping his member he knew he won’t last. He came hard with Siwon’s name on his lips, clenching around younger male. Soon, he felt his lover’s warm seed inside him.

They were out of breath. Siwon lay next to Han Geng and brought his one hand to older’s cheek. The latter had his eyes closed but he smiled, breathing heavily. He instinctively moved toward Siwon, seeking for some warmth. He found not only this but also his lover’s  lips planting soft kisses along his jaw line.

“I love you, Geng” he heard a whisper.

                Chinese male opened his eyes and looked right into the latter’s warm brown eyes. He felt safe now.

“I love you too, Siwon”

                It was sugary sweet and so cliché but Han Geng loved every second of this moment. He wanted to stay like that forever, cut off from the world, from everything. But he knew there’s still tomorrow, there’s still another day to spend with his love… that gave him courage to live.

                Siwon was the reason.

“Wanna bath?” Han Geng just smiled in response for Siwon’s question. Yes, a bath would be nice.

“Wait here” younger male stood up and went through the door to their own bathroom.

                While he was waiting for the warm water to fill up the bathtub he started thinking.

                How lucky he was to have this man?

                And as Han Geng came through the door only with Siwon’s white shirt on (oh, so beautiful), Siwon couldn’t  stop himself from thinking that the choice he made was his life’s best decision. 

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