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Peaceful night

Title : Peaceful night
: PG-13? (I still suck at this ;A;)
: fluff/romance; au!
: SiHan
Disclaimer :
only story
:  At night the memories are coming back
A/N : This is the last part. Next week will be a hell for me because of the school. But I’ll write the requests and then we’ll see :D I don’t have much to say so… GIVE SIHAN SOME LOVE (I’m definitely will become diabetic because of the amount of the fluffiness I write :D)


                Han Geng slipped under the red sheets, finally feeling refreshed. As his head hit the pillow his eyes have immediately shut. He hummed softly, enjoying the nice feeling of the bed. He felt the mattress dipping under Siwon’s weight. Soon, he could feel his back pressed to the latter’s chest.

“You’re such a cuddle monster” Han Geng laughed.

“Yes, I am” Siwon grinned. “And you love it”

                Chinese male purred when his lover placed a chaste kiss on his shoulder blade.

“Of course. As long as you’re cuddling with me

                Siwon’s laugh filled the room. They lay in the darkness, inhaling each other’s scent. Then Han Geng suddenly turned around to face his lover.

“Do you remember our first official date?” he asked with a grin on his face.

                Siwon blushed immediately and groaned.

“I would rather not” the younger admitted, trying to ignore Han Geng’s loud snort. ”Geng-ge… “ he moaned, his face bright red.

“But you were so sweet” the latter said, still with a smile on his lips and brushed his lover’s cheek with his hand.

                Siwon pouted.

“It was embarrassing, not sweet”

                Han Geng shook his head.

“You’re sweet when you’re embarrassed” he told him and leaned forward to kiss the tip of his nose.

“You really weren’t mad at me that time?” Siwon asked, still a bit worried.

“If I had I wouldn’t date you anymore” Chinese male shifted closer to his love and placed his head under Siwon’s chin.




                Han Geng couldn’t calm his madly beating heart. He wouldn’t be surprised if Siwon could hear it. He was so nervous about their first real date (they’ve known each other for 3 months but only as friends) that he couldn’t sleep the previous night. He just lay in his bed wondering what he should wear and what they would be talking about. The last thing he wanted was an awkward silence between them.

                But then he realized that if they were talking so much when they were together it couldn’t be different this time. And he knew Siwon liked when he was wearing those tight black pants. He could wear a white shirt and that stylish vest he bought last time when he was shopping with Zhou Mi. In fact, that could be a good solution because Siwon told him he was bringing him to the new Italian restaurant. Han Geng preferred Chinese food, but hey… he was going on a date with a hot, charming, young man! Who would care?

                Siwon said that he would come to pick him up so when Han Geng opened the door to let him in, he could only stare at the male in front of him with admiration. Siwon was dressed all in black, well-fitting pants, elegant jacket and a dark, low cut V-neck T-shirt under it. Chinese blinked a few times to snap himself out of daze. His heart started racing like galloping horse when Siwon showed him his famous dimpled smile.

                Oh God, what if he faints?

                They went to Siwon’s car and left to the restaurant. Han Geng was right. Everything was like always, they were talking about the same things, laughing at the jokes like usual and even the butterflies in Han Geng’s stomach were normal (he always had this feeling around Siwon) but there was one difference. They were aware of their feelings. It was hard not to notice the flirting tone Siwon used, the ‘not-so-random’ brushes of their hands on the table and their slightly blushed faces.

                It was certainly a nice date.

                But when they were about to leave Siwon looked at him, pale faced, and said with trembling voice :

“I don’t have money”

                At first Han Geng thought it was a joke but when he looked at the younger he realized that he was serious. He barely restrained himself from giggling. Of course he felt sorry for him but this embarrassed face when he had to pay for both of them was really adorable. Han Geng wasn’t angry. It wasn’t like Siwon did that on purpose. It could happen to anyone. But he knew that Siwon must have been feeling really bad about that.




“After that day you were calling and texting me about six times a day just to say sorry” Han Geng laughed at that recollection.

“Do you even know how I felt that time?” Siwon murmured shyly. “It was the worst moment in my life”

                Han Geng punched lightly his lover’s arm.

“Oh, thank you… you think that our date was that bad?” he teased him.

“No! I…”

“I know. I know…” Chinese male cuddled to him close. “Don’t think about that night as your worst because of that accident. Think about it as your best…”

“… because now I have you” Siwon cupped his chin and lifted it a bit so he could capture his lips with his own for a long and calm kiss. “And do you remember our first kiss?” this time the younger asked his lover when they pulled apart.

                Han Geng brushed his lips along Siwon’s strong jaw.

“How could I forget that one?” he asked, smiling dreamily. “It was after the second date. You were so surprised that you couldn’t move for a few seconds”

“How could I know you would kiss me?” Siwon pouted and changed their position. Now he was hanging over his lover, looking down at him. “While I was walking you home I was only able to think if I could kiss you goodnight. I was really nervous. And you just did it!”

“Well… maybe you want to reenact it?” Han Geng smiled slyly at him, throwing his arms around Siwon’s neck, entwining his finger in his dark, messy hair.

                Siwon grinned like a kid and leaned down for another kiss, this time his tongue begging for an entrance. He savored the taste of the hot cavern of Han Geng’s mouth, caressing softly his tights at the same time. After a while they pulled away, Chinese man’s hands still holding the latter’s cheeks.

“Have you ever thought what your life would be like if you haven’t met me?” Han Geng suddenly asked with serious tone.

                The younger male didn’t answer right back. But then he leaned forward and murmured against his lips.

“No. Because I don’t even remember how it felt like without you”

                Han Geng could swear that it was the happiness that run through his veins. The younger man suddenly looked to his left. The latter followed Siwon’s gaze which was on bedside clock. It was 1a.m, Sunday. May 17th.


                Siwon moved his gaze to Han Geng’s face and smiled.

“Happy 5th anniversary, Geng” 


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