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About me

So, I decided to do some proper introduction.

I was born in 1993 which means I'm 18  this year D: It’s quite amazing how I don’t know what I’ve been doing all this time. I’m from Europe.

I go to high school, humanistic class extension (which means I have a lot of history and language classes). I hate waking up for school, I almost always sleep on at least one lesson and I hate physics (I don’t know how I’ve passed all this time, really).

I love reading books. My most favorite are horror, fantasy and criminal ones. I like mangas but it has to be really good to attract my attention. I often watch films – horrors, fantasy, criminals, dramas. Korean and Japanese dramas are I love learning languages. Right now I’m learning English, French and Japanese, but I want to learn Korean and Chinese too :D My second name is music. I can’t live without it. Metal, rock, jrock, kpop, classical music and soundtracks is what I love.

I'm an introvert and I like to be alone but I have several friends whom I love. I'm also pessimist. When I'm angry I have to be left alone, I tend to swear a lot ^__^". I cry a lot (which pisses me off sometimes) and I'm full of contradictions.


Okay. Now we go to the main topic which is FANDOM



My bias : Kyuhyun, Siwon, Yesung (mostly everyone but I had to choose)

OTP : SiHan (I’m obsessed :D)

Other parings : KyuMin, QMi, EunHae, KyuWon, KangTeuk, YeWon, YeWook, SiMin (in general I’m a little bit Siwon x all whore XD)

3some? : SiHanKyu :3



My bias : Jonghyun

OTP : 2Min

Other parings : JongKey and JongHo



My bias : G-Dragon

OTP : GTop



OTP : MinKhun


OTP : Albus/Scorpius (next generation! :D)
Other : Sirius/Remus, Drarry



OTP : RoyEd (it was my first paring I fell in love with)

 You can find me on twitter~~ HERE

Want to introduce yourself? We have something in common? Write :D

photo thanks to shihanaday community ^__^


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